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The Clowns Challenge

Detective! A house was wrecked! Get to Clownsville as fast as possible!

As a detective, you already solved several mysteries. But this is your first time in Clownsville, and it’s no laughing matter!

You have a list of 10 suspects. Each clue gives you essential information so, hopefully, you can identify the culprit. Go about this challenge any way you want: you can leave a puzzle and go solve another if you’re out of inspiration! A piece of advice: take your time. Completing this challenge in under an hour is a feat! 

Click here to access the challenge!

  • The guide contains hints to help the students as well as the solutions to the challenge’s puzzles.
  • This escape challenge is best tackled in teams. We suggest forming teams of 2 to 4 students per computer, which will encourage them to help each other and progress together. Two heads (or more) are better than one!
  • Your students can team up with other students remotely, whether they’re at home or in other classrooms. To do so, we suggest the students each open the challenge on their own screen (computer, tablet, etc.) and communicate with their teammates via an app (e.g. Messenger, Skype, Zoom) so they can see each other and discuss the different solutions.