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The King’s Challenge

Explore a mysterious castle and discover the secrets of the Three Families. Do you have what it takes to overcome the King’s challenge?

Oyez, oyez! You are cordially invited to embark on a special quest. Search the castle of the Three Families to try and discover what the King is hiding. Watch your back, the castle is swarming with guards waiting to trap you!

Can you solve the puzzles and complete the missions that will lead you to the secret hidden by the King? Use logic to go through the different rooms of the castle, and keep your eyes peeled. You won’t need any tools, except inspiration! If you choose to tackle this challenge, beware: it could monopolize your attention for an hour, if not more! Good luck!

  • The guide contains hints to help the students as well as the solutions to the challenge’s puzzles.
  • This escape challenge is best tackled in teams. We suggest forming teams of 2 to 4 students per computer, which will encourage them to help each other and progress together. Two heads (or more) are better than one!
  • Your students can team up with other students remotely, whether they’re at home or in other classrooms. To do so, we suggest the students each open the challenge on their own screen (computer, tablet, etc.) and communicate with their teammates via an app (e.g. Messenger, Skype, Zoom) so they can see each other and discuss the different solutions.