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You think you can beat this maze? Think again!

No matter what your next move is, on this 3 by 3 grid, the magician can always decide where you’ll end up. No peeks necessary!

With this unique and intriguing trick, explore the connections between movements on a grid and maths. Plus, the whole class can participate; everyone gets a chance to try a different move! The key may be simple but finding it out isn’t a walk in the park. Take your time, share your ideas, rack your brain and… you might even want to colour!  

  • This trick focuses on parity. If the maze is viewed as a checkerboard, logic can be used to know exactly which squares to remove. Plus, the students can come up with extensions: a 3 by 3 grid is small. They can try with one that is bigger and is a different shape. This trick can lead to fun mathematical explorations over a longer period of time.

  • Planning notes