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Red or Yellow

Flip the tokens as much as you want, the one you chose in front of you I will flaunt!

There’s no use in trying to confuse the magician! No matter how many times you flip the tokens, she will always guess which one you’re hiding in your hand.

Don’t let this trick fool you, it’s much simpler than it seems! One word: parity. Although even and odd numbers are basic concepts, this trick uses them in a surprising way. How does one guess the token’s colour? You’re sure to impress your friends with this one!   

  • This trick is ideal to practise parity and doesn’t require a long preparation. Although it may seem simple, students can find it difficult to solve on their own. We suggest you first present the trick “Never 2 Without 3” or “Key to the Prediction”, so the notion of parity is fresher in the students’ minds.

  • Planning notes