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The Market

Go to the market to trade pumpkins, eggs, cheese and corn cobs!

Justine only has one pumpkin. She wants to trade it at the market for as many corn cobs as possible. Help her figure out how many corn cobs she can get.

The trades may seem simple, but you have to be careful. Come on, it’s your turn to trade!  

  • This puzzle is a good introduction to step-by-step problem-solving. It’s perfect for students who are starting to use the addition algorithm. Images are available to use during class.

  • Intuitively, the students will substitute the different products until they get to the corn cobs. This puzzle is challenging because the students do addition in an unusual context.

  • If you’re a kindergarten teacher, you might have to help your students a lot, and they will need more time to find a solution.

  • Planning notes