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The Truth Comes Out of the Pack

The truth always comes out. If you lie, it won’t go unnoticed. But can you outsmart magic?

You choose whether you want to lie or tell the truth. But magic always reveals the truth, and the cards can confirm it!

This is a fun trick to do alone or with friends, with a surprising outcome.   

  • In class, encourage your students to participate in order to discover the truth!

  • This mathemagic trick presents a good level of difficulty and contains two interesting particularities. First, the cards’ names have to be spelled (e. g. A-C-E-O-F-H-E-A-R-T-S), which is unusual. Second, the spectator can choose to lie or tell the truth—and the magician still succeeds. Those are remarkable characteristics that add to the trick’s appeal. You are guaranteed to enjoy it!

  • Planning notes